Citizen's Commendation or Complaint Procedures

The Hagerstown Department of Police accepts all feedback about City of Hagerstown police officers. Positive feedback will be appropriately recognized and complaints against officers will be thoroughly investigated.   Anyone may compliment or make a complaint against a police officer by one of the following methods:

  • online via the Public Portal.
  • by telephone at 301-790-3700,
  • in person,
  • by written complaint form, or
  • to the Washington County Police Accountability Board (complaints only).

As a complainant, you will be treated with courtesy and respect.  A complaint need not be notarized.   A complaint of police misconduct filed with a law enforcement agency shall include:

  • the name of the police officer accused of misconduct,
  • a description of the facts on which the complaint is based,
  • and contact information of the complainant or person filing on behalf of the complainant for investigative follow-up.  

If a walk-in or telephone complainant wishes to speak to a police officer about the complaint, the senior-ranking officer who is currently available will speak with the complainant.

  • If no police officers are available to speak with the complainant, the agency employee who is speaking with the complainant shall offer to accept the complaint.
  • If a walk-in or telephone complainant does not wish to speak with a police officer, the complaint shall be accepted by any agency employee.
  • Regardless of which agency employee accepts the complaint, (whether police officer or other employee) the employee shall not attempt to influence the complainant in any manner.

If you have a general complaint or concern about a member of the public within the city limits please use the Report A Concern online form. If you have an immediate emergency, please call 911 or utilize the non-emergency number 240-313-4345.


The investigation of complaints against police officers violating rules or regulations of the Hagerstown Department of Police is an administrative action and is considered a personnel matter by the police department.  If the complaint warrants, a criminal investigation may result.  The outcome of your complaint will not alter any criminal matter that you may have pending against you. 

The name and contact information of the investigating officer will be provided as the point of contact to whom the complainant may direct their questions regarding the investigation. 

On completion of an investigation of a complaint of police misconduct involving a member of the public and a police officer, regardless of whether the complaint originated from within the law enforcement agency or from an external source, the law enforcement agency shall forward to the Washington County Administrative Charging Committee the investigatory files for the matter to be resolved per Maryland law.  The below flow chart explains the complaint involving a member of the public process:

Police Misconduct Complaint Process

The complainant will have access to their current case status at any time via the Public Portal using the reference ID number provided to them.   The Community Liaison Coordinator will notify the complainant in writing of the outcome of the complaint within 30 days after final disposition.