The largest and most recognizable component of the Hagerstown Police Department, the Uniform Patrol Division, is the backbone of our agency.

The first to respond to emergency and non-emergency situations, uniform patrol officers encounter a variety of situations requiring that they be trained in a wide range of areas. Uniform Patrol Division maintains a pro-active patrol attitude in order to detect criminal activity, reduce the opportunities for offenders to commit crimes, maintain peace and order, and protect life and property.

Patrol officers also conduct criminal investigations, perform various traffic related activities, and enforce State, County, and City laws in a fair and impartial manner.  

In addition to their response and investigative functions, patrol officers engage in Community Policing activities through the department's Neighborhood Policing Program along with Intelligence-Led Policing programs of CompStat and Predictive Policing.

Downtown Squad
The Downtown Squad is responsible for patrolling the downtown area within the city of Hagerstown. The squad consists of a Sergeant and four officers and is supplemented by additional staffing from the department's Automated Speed Enforcement, School Resource Officers, Patrol Division and Auxiliary Police members.

The squad patrols the downtown area on bicycles and on foot. Each officer works to target specific issues which may arise in the downtown area. They are also used to cover all downtown special events such as the Augustoberfest, Miss Maryland Pageant, Blues Fest, 5K races, Bicycle Races, Car & Bike Shows, all events at the University System of Maryland campus, and events at The Maryland Theatre.

Officers assigned to the Downtown Squad establish positive relationships with businesses, residents, and employees to identify challenges in City Center and develop solutions.

Although the Downtown Squad mainly focuses its attention in the downtown area, the unit can also be used as normal patrol around the city when needed. The Downtown Squad’s office is stationed out of the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown located at 34 W. Washington St. so it can better serve the downtown community.


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The Hagerstown City Police Department’s K9 program was established in 1973 to provide the highest quality of service to the citizens of Hagerstown, members of the department, and members of allied agencies who use this resource. The K9 program supports the department’s patrol, narcotics, and investigative functions through the psychological deterrence to crime, superior speed, and enhanced scenting capabilities of highly mobile, specially trained police service dogs.
The K9 program utilizes German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador Retrievers. It currently consists of 3 dual purpose Patrol/Narcotics Detection teams and one single purpose Narcotics Detection team. Each team is assigned to a specific platoon within the Uniformed Patrol Division.

The K9 program has proven to be invaluable to the city by assisting in the seizure of a large amount of illegal narcotics as well as the apprehension of numerous suspects. The K9 program also educates the public on the capabilities of police service dogs through demonstrations at various community events.