Narcotics Task Force


Founded in 1986, The Washington County Narcotics Task Force (NTF) is comprised of members from the Hagerstown Department of Police and the Washington County Sheriff's Department. NTF agents work a variety of investigations from routine neighborhood complaints to complex organizations responsible for trafficking narcotics throughout Washington County, Maryland.

Response from the local community over the past two decades continues to be our best means of identifying and prioritizing investigations within our office. Drug tips received by our office are cataloged in a database known as Drug Track and processed by our Intel Analyst daily. 


NTF is staffed with five officers from the Hagerstown City Police, six deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department, a civilian Intel Analyst, two prosecutors from the States Attorney's Office, and two support staff. Under Maryland's Narcotic Nuisance Abatement Laws, our prosecutors also follow-up with property owners in removing those involved in narcotics from the neighborhood once the investigation is completed.

NTF has partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Hagerstown Resident Office and works closely with Hagerstown Police Department's Street Crime Unit. Some NTF agents are even deputized by the DEA as Federal Task Force Officers (TFO's). This designation provides local agents enforcement powers anywhere in the United States. This continues to be beneficial as narcotics dealers frequently move throughout our tri-state area.

Public education and feedback are essential to our role in the community. Agents frequently speak at neighborhood meetings, schools, public or private organizations, and civic groups providing information on current drug trends in Washington County. If you would like an agent to speak at your function feel free to contact our office. Questions as to drug identification or the signs and symptoms to look for, visit the DEA's web sight below or contact our office.


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