Victim Witness Assistance Unit

The Hagerstown Police Department’s Victim/Witness Assistance Unit (VWAU) was founded in 1992 and remained the first violent crime victim/witness assistance unit in the State of Maryland for many years. 

The VWAU is staffed by trained volunteers who provide on-scene and follow-up assistance to victims/victim witnesses of violent crimes investigated by HPD. Assistance can include, but is not limited to, death notification; assessment, triage and crisis intervention services; liaison efforts between victims, the criminal justice system, local area service providers and community programs to ensure assistance to victims following victimization.

To participate within the VWAU, each member is required to be fingerprinted, undergo a full criminal background check, an in-depth interview with HPD and VAU personnel, comply with all educational and training requirements as established by HPD, and adhere to a year-long probationary period where they are partnered with and mentored/assessed by a senior VWAU member. 

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