Western Maryland Regional Crime Laboratory

Since its inception in 1985, the Western Maryland Regional Crime Laboratory (WMRCL) has been committed to providing the highest quality of professional forensic services to Washington County and other federal, state, and local agencies.  This commitment includes applying sound scientific principles in all examinations, being responsive to our customers, and conducting our operations in a fair and objective manner.  Forensic scientists and forensic technicians at the laboratory perform scientific examinations of evidence and can provide assistance in the actual collection of evidence at crime scenes when requested.  The WMRCL is located at the Hagerstown Police Department headquarters building in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Vision Statement
The WMRCL will be foremost in the delivery of forensic examinations and other services to law enforcement through:
  • A total commitment to quality;
  • Technical leadership;
  • Prompt, accurate, and thorough responses to requests;
  • Innovative uses of technology to facilitate investigations;
  • Sharing information and technology with the criminal justice community;
  • A work environment that fosters open communication, creativity, individual initiative, and personal achievement.