Neighborhood Policing Program


The Neighborhood Policing Program addresses the unique issues facing each area of the city by assigning a designated patrol officer to one of the nearly 50 neighborhoods throughout the city. This program is an extension of Community Policing which, along with Intelligence-Led Policing, are the two major initiatives being undertaken by the Hagerstown Police Department.  

Neighborhood Policing Map

Identifying the Real Issues

Making contact with residents and businesses through foot patrols, officers will use the techniques of Problem-Solving-Policing to bring a variety of resources to bear to resolve the issue at hand. We recognized that each neighborhood is unique in the problems they are facing that contribute to poor perception. We believe that identifying and working to address these neighborhood issues will have a positive impact on the quality of life. The first step in solving the problems is to know exactly what the ‘real issues’ are facing the neighborhood. Residents and business owners can help by reporting their concerns here. Report-A-Concern

Program Results

Our goal is to reduce the perception [fear] of crime in each neighborhood. 

Some of the best ways to reach this goal include: 

  1. Resolving the ’real issues’ facing the neighborhood.
  2. Making lasting changes to the physical appearance of the neighborhood through the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
  3. Sharing positive news about the improvements being made.

Ultimately the success of the Neighborhood Policing program will depend in large part on the level of community engagement we receive. Help us address the real issues in your neighborhood by reporting your concerns here or by talking to any one of our officers when you see them on patrol.