Job Description

Police Cadet Position Description 

Job Objectives: To become familiar with the duties, responsibilities and tasks of the Police Officer as well as the workings of the Department as a whole. 

Function: The Police Cadet is responsible for performing various duties throughout the department which may include staffing the front desk, monitoring street cameras, and working in any other division assigned. The Police Cadet may be required to testify in court as both a witness for an officer and as the charging officer in parking violations. 

Duties, Responsibilities, &Tasks: 

  • Enforcing municipal parking violations. This includes writing citations as well as keeping abreast of the Scofflaw list and taking appropriate action when Scofflaw violators are located. 
  • Answering routine and emergency phone calls on the telephone both in dispatch and the main switchboard. 
  • Work in communications. This includes answering both emergency and non-emergency lines, operating the police radio system, and MILES and NCIC computer systems. 
  • Answer general inquiries by both telephone and through personal contact. 
  • Traffic direction. Locations include scenes of vehicular accidents, parade assignments, and any other assignments as needed. 
  • Attend roll call, roll call trainings, in-service trainings, and various training seminars; passes required knowledge and proficiency tests. 
  • Any and all other jobs when assigned. 

Working Conditions: The working environment is variable. The Police Cadet may be sent to any location or area in the City. The Police Cadet may be assigned to work in any established shift or any day. Time is spent in patrol vehicles, at police headquarters, and on foot. The Police Cadet may be exposed to extremes of weather, accidents, crime, disaster scenes, and may confront mentally disturbed persons, armed persons, violent persons, and other potentially dangerous situations. 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge-
    • Knowledge of Maryland Interagency Law Enforcement System. 
    • Knowledge of National Crime Information System. 
    • Knowledge of City ordinances as they relate to parking violations. 
    • Departmental Rules and Regulations.
  • Skills-
    • General typing skills
    • General communication skills 
  • Abilities-
    • Ability to make decisions. 
    • Ability to operate under stressful conditions. 

Physical Tasks Required: All the physical tasks required of the Patrol Officer. 

Selection Process for Police Cadet: The selection process for Police Cadet will follow the same steps as the process for Police Officers except the psychological examination will not be required. Cadets may be selected to attend the police academy if they have received satisfactory evaluations and a position becomes available. In order to attend the police academy, the Police Cadet must be 21 years of age prior to the police academy graduation date. 

Minimum Qualifications for Cadet

Between the ages of 18-20, High School Diploma or GED, vision correctable to 20/30. 

A Police Cadet will attend college and maintain a six (6) credit hour semester until the awarding of an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement, or until hired at the position of Police Officer, unless the degree has been previously attained. The 2.0 cumulative average shall be maintained. 

In addition, a Police Cadet is to develop and demonstrate a working knowledge in the following areas:

  • Following oral and written directions. 
  • Writing reports and correspondence.
  • Handling routine public contacts. 
  • Communication procedures.
  • Organizational structure of the Department of Police and specific duties of each division within. 
  • City and county geography. 
  • State laws and City ordinances (working knowledge of).