Recruitment and Selection Process

The Human Resources Department recognizes that our employees are the City's most valuable asset. Recruitment and selection shall be conducted to ensure competition for employment and to provide equal employment opportunities. It is the policy of the City to recruit and select qualified persons for positions based on merit. The City not only complies with all civil rights laws but also recognizes the value of diversity. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes inclusion, respect, and appreciation for a diversified workplace. If you have any questions regarding Equal Employment Opportunity or the City's hiring practices, please contact the Human Resources Department at (301) 739-8577 Ext. 108.

Personnel Requisition

All requisitions for the filling of vacancies shall be made on a Personnel Requisition and submitted to the Human Resources Department.

Position Management

All vacant positions shall undergo the process of position management. The purpose of position management is to ensure that each position to be filled is needed and justified as well as appropriately classified and graded. The extent of position management is dependent on the circumstances of the position to be filled and may include the department head and the Human Resources Director discussing the position, meeting with the City Administrator, classification reviews, external wage surveys, etc. Once evaluated, the requisition must be approved by the City Administrator before the position is posted.

Method of Filling Vacancies

An internal job posting will be distributed to each department specifying the position title, department, job grade, working hours, closing date, and pay rate. The job description shall be attached to the posting. Interested regular city employees should submit a bid for the position which must be received by the Human Resources Department no later than the close of business on the posted closing date. Additional information may be requested by the posting (resume, application, etc.) and must be submitted with the bid letter.

Department managers will be sent a roster of regular city employees who bid for the position. The department manager will utilize approved methods of selecting a qualified applicant and notify the Human Resources Department if the position cannot be filled from this roster. The Human Resources Department will then recruit externally. Regular city employees shall be given priority of selection over equally qualified non-city employees. The Human Resources Department will not accept applications for any vacant position until that position has been advertised.

All vacant positions will be posted first. If the department manager wishes the vacancy to be posted and advertised concurrently, it must be approved by the Human Resources Director. The City only accepts applications and resumes for posted and/or advertised positions.


All applications for employment shall be made on the forms prescribed by the Human Resources Department and may include a resume. The Department may reject any application that fails to meet the established qualification requirements for the position for which the application was made. An application may also be rejected if it contains false information or does not specify an established City position for which applications are being accepted.


All applicants for employment who possess the established qualifications for a position will be forwarded to the proper hiring authority (department manager) for review and interview scheduling. This includes regular city employees as well as those applicants who respond to external advertisements. The department manager will use approved methods to assist in this selection process.

Departments are encouraged to use the appropriate interview matrix established by personnel to assist in evaluating candidates. After interviews have been conducted and a recommendation is made, the hiring authority will complete and submit a personnel selection form to the Human Resources Director for approval.

New Hire Procedure

If the hiring authority's selection is an outside applicant, the following procedures will apply:

Pre-Employment Physical & Background Search

Upon approval of the department's selection, the Human Resources Department will offer the successful candidate a contingent offer. This offer may be contingent on a drug screen for the prospective employee. This may also include a physical and/or pulmonary test, criminal background search, or consumer credit report depending on the position. Upon receipt of the results of the pre-employment criteria, the department will be notified of the results.

New Employee Orientation

The Human Resources Department will schedule an orientation for the new employee. Both the employee and department manager will be notified of the date and time of the orientation.