Compensation Study 2019

Please find below a link to the Non-Union Scale Comp Study conducted by Evergreen Solutions, LLC. November 2019. The study was designed to evaluate the City’s non-union compensation based on competitive peers surrounding us geographically, as well as compression occurring between grades and scales. The study is a snapshot in time that occurred when the study began. It contains an analysis of raw data collected by Evergreen with the intent to provide recommendations for creating options for the Mayor and Council to consider as the City moves forward with its compensation philosophy.

To be clear, Evergreen has provided us with a recommendation only. We will be evaluating the information and preparing a strategy for moving forward. The resulting recommendations will eventually go to the Mayor and Council for their consideration and, if appropriate inclusion in the budget during the this upcoming budget cycle. The recommendation may be a partial / phased-in / or full implementation of scale adjustments. We will not know until we see the financial impact vs. revenues in FY21.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Don Francis, Director of Human Resources

To view a copy of the study, please use this link: Non-Union Compensation Study 2019