Mapping & Surveying

The Engineering Division is responsible for preparing and maintaining many of the official maps for the City. These maps include the City Street Map, the City’s Tax Maps, and the various maps showing the City’s corporate boundary. This office also has a large collection of subdivision plats and construction drawings for various sections of the city. Aerial photographs of the City from various time periods are available for inspection or purchase, and the City has the ability to have topographic mapping prepared for any area covered by these photographs. The Division maintains a network of survey control monuments around the City, and makes this information available to local surveyors and engineers. The Division is also responsible for maintaining legal data on streets, alleys, and public rights of way throughout the City.

Aerial Photographs

The City periodically has aerial photographs taken of the entire area contained within the corporate limits; these photographs are used at the base map for many planning and design efforts, and are also used as a tool to monitor the pace of development within the City. The latest set of photographs were taken in 2006; they are color photographs with a 6 in. pixel resolution, and have been geo-referenced to the City’s datum. It is also possible to produce topographic mapping at a 2’ contour interval from these photographs.


The photographs are available for sale in digital or hard copy format. Topographic mapping has also been produced for certain areas in the City and is available for sale as well. Upon request, the City can also produce topographic mapping for areas not previously mapped; pricing depends upon the size of the area to be mapped and the density of features in that area.


Please contact the Engineering Division at (301) 739-8577 ext. 130 for more information on the availability of these items.

Aerial Photographs and Topographic Maps.png

Detailed Data

The Engineering Division maintains detailed information on all of the streets, alleys, and public rights of way within the corporate boundary. This information includes curb-to-curb street widths, right of way widths, and other legal information. The division also keeps records of unimproved (“paper”) rights of way throughout the City; these are parcels of land that were set aside for public use, but may or may not have been actually accepted into the City’s system.


For specific information on streets, alleys, or rights of way in the City, please contact the Engineering Division office at (301) 739-8577 ext. 130.

Monument Locations

The Engineering Division has established a network of survey control point monuments around the City to aid surveyors and engineers in coordinating their work with the established City horizontal and vertical datums. These monuments have established coordinates on the city grid (NAD 83 / NAVD 88), and are periodically recovered by the City surveyor to ensure that they have not been disturbed.

Maps & Data Sheets

To access a map showing the location of City control monuments, and to review recovery data sheets for these monuments, please read and acknowledge the following disclaimer statement:

The City of Hagerstown accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be present in this map or recovery sheets. The user accepts all responsibility for the use of this map and data. The monument data represented may be used in surveying activities, but should be double-checked for accuracy. 

I have read and hereby acknowledge the disclaimer statement above

Please report any recovery information to: and include “monument recovery” in the subject line. Typical information might include: “damaged” “missing” “leaning” etc. and/or any discrepancies found in the positional accuracy of any monument. Any information as to the status of our control monuments is welcomed.