Drainage & Stormwater Management

Almost anytime that it rains or snows, stormwater runoff is created. The City of Hagerstown is served by a complex network of catch basins, storm drainage pipes, culverts, and underground drains to intercept and convey these discharges. The City Engineer is responsible for monitoring this storm drainage system and for administering construction projects to extend the reach and capacity of the existing system. The Engineering Division is also responsible for administering the City’s Stormwater Protection Program and helping the City to comply with its NPDES permit requirements. The City Engineer also provides technical assistance to the City’s Zoning Administrator with regard to designated FEMA floodplains within the City limits. 
The City Engineer is also responsible for responding to drainage complaints. If the problem is related to part of the City’s public storm drainage network, or to a public road or alley right of way, the Engineering Division may be able to help resolve the problem. If the problem is on private property and not related to a public system, the Engineering Division may be able to give guidance on how to resolve the problem, but it will be up to the private property owner to make it happen. In either case, you may call the office of the City Engineer at (301) 739-8577 extension 125 to request a consultation.