Curbs & Sidewalks

Curb & Sidewalk Repair

The curbs and sidewalks along the City’s streets play important roles in directing and controlling vehicles, conveying stormwater runoff, and providing safe walking paths for pedestrians. As of May 29, 2020, the City is responsible for keeping curbs and sidewalks in good repair, aside from damage caused by a property owner, a utility company, or a tree that is behind the sidewalk.  The City has approved a Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program Policy that establishes criteria dictating when curbs and sidewalks should be repaired, when sidewalk conditions are considered to be hazardous, and the general prioritization of completing these repairs.
Curb and Sidewalk.png

New Construction

New curbs and sidewalks must be constructed in accordance with City standard construction details, and permits must be obtained prior to the beginning of construction in the public right of way.

Construction Details

Whether you are a private property owner preparing to construct or repair curbs, sidewalks, or driveway aprons at your property, or if you plan to hire a contractor to perform the work, the construction must conform to City standards.  Construction details showing the requirements for curbs, sidewalks, and driveway entrances may be found at the Engineering Department's Curb & Sidewalk Permit from the Code Administration Office before you begin the work.