Handicap Parking

The Engineering Division receives many requests to install reserved handicap parking spaces along City streets. While the City does not allow on-street non-handicap parking spaces to be reserved, the State of Maryland does have a process in place to allow handicap spaces to be reserved under certain conditions.

Process to Request a Reserved Space

To begin the process, please visit the MVA's Complaints and Investigations webpage and download an Application for Personal Residential Permit for Reserved Parking Space.  After you submit the application to MVA, they will contact your doctor to verify your medical condition, and will then complete an investigation to determine whether or not a reserved space is warranted. If MVA feels that your request has merit, they will notify you, the State Highway Administration, and the City that they have approved the request; the City will then install the required handicap parking sign. To begin the process, please call the MVA office in Glen Burnie, MD at (410) 768-7646.
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