Strategic Plan

The Hagerstown Fire Department has put together a five-year strategic plan. This plan is designed to serve as a road map and blueprint for the City of Hagerstown over the next five years with or without the cooperation of the current volunteer based governance model. It is recommended that this plan be evaluated and updated annually during budget deliberations, with a complete revisit of the plan performed every five years, which coincides with the current City of Hagerstown CIP cycle.

A plan is only valuable if all parties set goals and establish general timeframes in the form of actionable items necessary to achieve the goals. It is our recommendation that each of the Strategic Goals and their subsequent recommendations be reviewed, prioritized and assigned to staff internal and external to the HFD to implement as many of the recommendations as possible.

Within in the document below you will find:

  •  A letter of transmittal from me
  • An Executive Summary
  • The lengthy background and substance of the plan 
  • An-8 slide PowerPoint that is fully intended to be a 30,000-foot public introduction of the plan only
  • 17 strategic goals (blue) and a total of nearly 100 specific recommendations (green) associated with each strategic goal; many are maintenance of effort and already in place

Five-Year Strategic Plan
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HFD Five-Year Strategic Plan Executive Summary
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