Knox Box- A Must for Your Business

The adopted Fire Code,  NFPA 1 (2015 edition) allows the Authority Having Jurisdition or AHJ to require access boxes for fire department entry into structures (18.2.2).  The Hagerstown Fire Department has adopted the use of the Knox Box Rapid Entry Lock Box System as it's access system.   

The Hagerstown City Fire Marshal is the recognized AHJ within the Corporate Limits of Hagerstown for enforcement of the Fire Prevention Code.    The Hagerstown City Fire Marshal requires the installation of a "Knox Box"  on commercial buildings and multifamily homes.  Single family homes and townhomes are recommended to be equipped with the "Knox Box"  if they have a fire alarm system.  Another use of the "Knox Box" is for homes that have an occupant(s) who are often in need of emergency medical services and access to the home could be an issue.

When a Knox Box is required:

•    New construction of a commercial or multi-family structure

•    A building permit is obtained for renovation of an existing building

•    After alarm calls where a property representative cannot be contacted, refuses to respond or response is significantly delayed

Additional information on the Knox Box can be found at of by calling the Hagerstown City Fire Marshal at 301-790-2476.  

Residential Knox Box

Similar to a business owner or landlord, homeowners of single family homes have the option to install a "Knox Box" to limit damage that may otherwise occur if we're called to your home for an emergency. We always "Try before we pry", meaning we look for a non-violent means to enter your home. However, if entry must be made and no "Knox Box" is present, pry we must.

For more information, please go to the Knox HomeBox website.