Payments for parking passes, permits, fines, citations, booted vehicles, etc. are all accepted at the 1st floor Billing Department at City Hall, 1 E. Franklin Street from 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday.

Monthly Parking Invoice

  No more checks, envelopes and stamps.
For a convenient and fast way to pay your monthly parking invoice please follow online payment option.  If you need assistance we will be happy to help, please call: 301-739-8577-445.  

Parking Citations  

An after-hours payment drop box is located outside of City Hall on Franklin Street.  Please do not put cash in the drop box. If you are going to pay cash, please use one of the cashier’s windows inside the lobby. Payments are collected each morning and credited the day they are collected.

You may utilize our convenient online payment option. The site cannot process payments for traffic tickets, speeding tickets or red light camera tickets. Please follow the instructions on the citation or contact HPD at 301-790-3700, if you have a question regarding those citations.

For payments over the phone please call: 301-797-6210.

Temporarily due to increasing COVID-19 cases, there is no service charge for paying parking tickets by phone. A $3.95 charge does apply for online payments.
Payment Dropbox close-up