Parking Locations & Map

Map of Parking Locations

University District Parking Deck-400px.JPG
Parking Locations Map

Parking Garages

The City of Hagerstown operates two parking garages and seven public parking lots.
The University District Parking Deck is a 440 space parking garage adjacent to City Hall.
25 N. Potomac Street

Outfitted with bright, efficient, LED lighting, CCTV cameras and an automated entry and exit system, the University District garage is conveniently located within walking distance of many popular destinations in the City Center shopping district as well as City Hall, The One-Stop Job Service Center, Social Services, The Western MD Consortium, MOSH, The University System of MD at Hagerstown and the MD Theatre. The Garage has four covered floors and an open roof for your parking convenience.

The Arts & Entertainment District Parking Deck is a 185 space parking garage in the heart of the City’s Arts & Entertainment District. There is convenient access to the MD Theatre and many restaurants and shops in the City Center. The deck is best reached of E. Washington, turning right onto Renaissance Way.
25 Renaissance Way

Parking Lots

The Central Lot and Elizabeth Hager Center Lot is a 300+ space parking lot in the heart of the downtown. The lots can be accessed from Franklin, Washington, Potomac or Locust streets. Each space has a parking meter and there is a mixed amount of short and long term parking available. This lot is available for permit parking.
14 N. Potomac St

The Antietam Street Lot is a 24 space lot that serves the District Court House. Each space has a parking meter. No parking permits are issued or allowed in this lot and all meters have a 4 hour time limit.
18 W. Antietam St

The Rochester Lot is a 98 space lot located on the corner of Washington and Prospect streets.This lot has a mix of reserved and metered parking. This lot has convenient access to the Hagerstown’s Women’s club, The Police Station, The Wash. County Admin. Bldg. and other Government Offices. This lot is available for permit parking.
31 S. Prospect St

The Bryan Centre Lot is a 6 space lot located on Franklin street directly across from the Post Office. This lot is not available for permit parking and serves as short term off-street parking.
45 W. Franklin St

The Market House Lot is a 150+ space parking lot located on the corner of Church and Jonathan streets. This lot has a mix of reserved and metered spaces and serves the City of Hagerstown’s Historic Farmer’s Market as well as the Fire Department and several other State and Local agencies. This lot is available for permit parking.
25 W. Church St

The Church Street Parking Lot is a 100+ space lot located on Church street between Jonathan and Potomac streets.
This lot is by permit only Monday through Friday but is free to the public on Saturday and Sunday.
25 W. Church St