Aerial Fitness

Aerial Stretch

Fridays & Sundays (Beginner Level)

 This aerial fitness class uses suspended hammock apparatus to utilize the concepts of aerial yoga to assist in increasing flexibility and strength throughout the whole body. Class starts with soothing sound bowl meditation, and eases into a wonderful stretching flow experience with some strength training to tone & lengthen the muscles. Some guided inversions will occur. 75-minute class, $20/person. 
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Aerial Tricks

Saturdays (Intermediate Level)
Must complete 2 classes of Aerial Stretch

This aerial fitness class uses the suspended hammock apparatus to create different poses and shapes with the body. Practice restoring balance, building strength, and increasing flexibility. Most importantly, have fun in the air while building confidence and inner trust. Please wear leggings and a t shirt. No jewelry, bring water bottle yoga mat and a blanket. Hour class, $20/person.

Meet the InstructorTeresa

Teresa Stewart

Aerial Stretch


Aerial Tricks


Aerial Stretch


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(100 Miler Kickoff)(100 Miler Kickoff)Jan. 15 (#7793)
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Monthly Schedule

*No jewelry; nothing on hands, wrists or ankles. Please arrive to class 15 minutes early to get your hammock ready before class begins.

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