Vacant & Underutilized Land

While outward growth is necessary to enhance Hagerstown’s fiscal and economic future, the City must also revitalize and re-use the vacant and underutilized land already within its borders. Table 2-4 of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan shows the base zoning type (e.g., “industrial”) for vacant/underutilized land. Nearly half of the vacant/underutilized land is zoned for industrial purposes, with large areas along Wesel Boulevard and Antietam Creek. The presence of so much vacant industrial land reflects the decline of heavy industry in the City.

The Comprehensive Plan’s approach to revitalizing vacant and underutilized areas is to establish new or revised future land uses for these areas, provide targeted economic development strategies for development or re-use, and recognize the need for offices, office parks, and light industrial parks. The Plan calls for the regular inventorying of vacant and underutilized properties in the City of Hagerstown with the purpose of encouraging their reuse and revitalization.

The map below shows vacant and underutilized land in Hagerstown, along with their existing zoning designations, their designated future land uses, and the acreages of each tract.

Vacant & Underutilized Land Map - 1 (Entire City)

Vacant & Underutilized Land Map - 2 (City Center)