Hagerstown Housing Authority Board

Board Overview:

The Hagerstown Housing Authority is a non-profit organization operating under the laws of the State of Maryland to provide housing for low-income families within the city. A contract between the Authority and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) binds the Authority to only rent to lower-income families.

The Authority is a separate entity; it is not part of City government, nor is it governed by City staff or Hagerstown's Mayor and Council. However, the Mayor and Council approves the appointments of five local citizens to serve without pay as Commissioners to create policy and guidance to the Housing Authority's professional staff that is led by the Executive Director who reports directly to the Board. Each Commissioner serves a five-year term with one term expiring each year.


Term Expires
Carolyn Brooks August 30, 2025
George Hill August 30, 2024
Rosalind Martin August 30, 2027
Terry Wishard August 31, 2023
Lynette Cunningham - Resident Commissioner
August 30, 2020


The Hagerstown Housing Authority meets once a month.


Should you be interested in applying to serve as a volunteer committee member for the Hagerstown Housing Authority Board, please fill out the Boards and Commissions Resume of Interest Form.