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Code Administration

  1. Application for Temporary Use of Outdoor Space - Private Property

    Application to permit temporarily use of outdoor space as dining areas.

  2. Building Permit Application Submission Form

    Online form to submit a building permit application.

  3. Engineering Permit Application

    Online form to submit Engineering Permit Application

  4. Outdoor Cafe Tent Permit Application
  5. Rental Interior Webinar Feedback
  6. Report a Concern / Violation about a Property
  7. Request Reprint of Rental License

    Form to request reprint of rental license for a $5.00 fee

  1. Application for Temporary Use of Public Right-of-Way for Sidewalk Cafes

    The license agreement allows for temporarily use of the public right-of-way for the sidewalk cafes.

  2. Electrical Permit Application
  3. Mechanical Permit Application
  4. Plumbing Permit Application
  5. Rental License Application

    Rental license application to submit for a new property or to renew

  6. Report a Vacant Property in your neighborhood
  7. Trade Permit Application (Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical)

    Online form to submit a trade permit application.