Kiwanis Park

 371 Dynasty Dr. Hagerstown, MD 21740
Kiwanis Park provides the community access to Antietam Creek. A pavilion overlooking the Antietam Creek, a paved parking lot, and paths and boardwalks have been constructed by City staff. The historic stone structure, the Saylor House, is the first thing visitors see upon entering the parking lot at Kiwanis Park. This historic homestead is being restored in partnership with Washington County Historical Trust for the purposes for educational and recreational programming in history and nature. 
Officially opened on April 30, 2016, explore Kiwanis park to learn about kayaking opportunities on the Antietam Creek, protecting Monarch butterflies by planting a "Way station," and join in the exploration of restoring the historic stone house on the property.

Kiwanis Park Amenities Map (pdf)
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Saylor House 

Dig It Saylor House Archaeology
Saturdays, 9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. 
- Sept. 8- Nov. 11
(activity #6187)

This unique exploratory archaeology and excavation program involves hands-on instruction at a real, on-going archaeological project at the Saylor House in Kiwanis Park. Work alongside archaeologist, Scott Parker, as he gives instruction in all aspects of archaeology from digging and screening to artifact identification and processing, to remote sensing (looking into the ground without digging). Adults, ages 15+; ages 10+ may participate when supervised by an adult enrolled in the program. 11-week series, $95; or $20/week drop-in. Student volunteers may participate at no charge, and earn student service learning hours credit.  
Thanks to generous sponsorship donations for students from Mrs. Peggy M. Roscoe, Capital Women's Care, and Progressive Radiology, we are now able to offer this program for free to the youth! Children and students ages 10 years and up may participate for free with enrollment! All are welcome! Click here to enroll!
For assistance with enrollment, contact Parks & Rec Office (301)739-8577 x 170. 
Saylor House Lime Mortar Workshop
Saturdays, 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. 
- Sept. 29 & Oct. 6
 (activity #6188)

This two-day hands-on workshop will introduce and train participants in the Jahn masonry repair systems that can be used on historic stone and brickwork. The class will discuss traditional masonry practices, demonstrate mortar analysis to understand the mortar you are trying to replace, and demonstrate and practice mixing up mortar. We will practice test samples to achieve a match with existing mortar, discuss and practice proper mortar removal from existing masonry, and learn different methods of installing the new mortar mix. Participants will learn how to apply different styles of pointing as well. Join us to learn how to make repairs to existing stone and brick structures and to help in repairing the historic building, the Saylor House, at Kiwanis Park.2-day workshop, $50/ person includes materials.Enroll online for free to reserve materials, bring cash or check payment on-site. 
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Antietam Creek

Antietam Paddle Fun
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
- October 6
Kayak, seats one person, $30 (activity #6037
Canoe, seats two people, $40 (activity #6088

River & Trail Outfitter will provide canoes, kayaks, paddles and two certified guides to give basic instruction and ensure safety. Both directions on the creek will be available for paddling. Choose a single kayak, or a canoe for two when you register. Age 10+. $30/kayak (one-seat); $20/person/canoe (two seats).

Monarch Butterfly Way Station

Monarch ID Caterpillar, Butterfly, Plant Workshop
Saturday, 11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. 
- Sept. 15
, at City Park Fall Fest, the Hager House
Experience the wonder of the epic Monarch Butterfly at the first official City of Hagerstown Parks Monarch Butterfly Way Station. Enjoy this fun family educational opportunity for free at Kiwanis Park, by the Monarch Alliance. Learn about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. Instructors will bring live Monarch caterpillars, pupa, and if available, adult Monarch Butterflies. Learn about the native plants and milkweed in the garden and about all of the pollinators that inhabit this ecosystem. 
Learn how to make your garden an attractive spot for Monarch butterflies and pollinators by planting Monarch butterfly way station with milkweed plant. Free program.
Mills Park Bird Watching