Historic Districts

Having retained much of the buildings and urban form achieved by 1930, Hagerstown today is a window to turn-of-the-century America. Instead of reading about the impact of the Industrial Revolution on small-town America, people can visit Hagerstown and walk the streets and touch the buildings where turn-of-the-century Hagerstonians worked, shopped, played, and lived. At the core of the City is a compact business and government center of four- to eight-story Victorian and Beaux Arts buildings. Surrounding the downtown are the urban rowhouse and genteel mansion house neighborhoods developed for Hagerstown's boom-era workers, industrial magnates, and business managers. Scattered throughout are the two-story, pre-Civil War era houses of our early German settlers. Hagerstown's rail heritage is evident in the still active rail lines that nearly encircle the central city. Six National Register historic districts have been designated in Hagerstown to recognize this important urban architectural heritage.

Hagerstown's Local Historic Districts

National Historic Register (NHR) Districts

  • Hagerstown NHR District
  • City Park NHR District

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