Historic Preservation

Hagerstown's Preservation Program
The Mayor and City Council of Hagerstown adopted a preservation ordinance in 1987 which set up the framework for Hagerstown's preservation program. As established in the ordinance, the purpose of Hagerstown's preservation program is to protect, preserve, and encourage the re-use of those sites, structures, and districts that reflect elements of archaeological, political, cultural, social, economic, or architectural history, and to preserve and enhance the quality of life and to safeguard the historical and cultural heritage of Hagerstown. The ordinance created the Hagerstown Historic District Commission (HDC) and designated three historic districts: City Center, South Prospect Street, and Oak Hill. The Potomac-Broadway District was added in 1992. In addition, the City has designated seven properties as Landmarks.

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In order to implement the goals of the preservation program, the Historic District Commission (HDC) is charged with the duty of reviewing all work that affect the exterior appearance of buildings or properties in a historic district or on a landmark property. Routine landscaping and repainting previously painted surfaces do not require review.

Anyone proposing such work in an historic district or on a property designated as a landmark must submit an application for Design Review to the HDC, which can be found on the Application Forms page. A building permit will not be issued until the Certificate of Appropriateness has been granted. Such work must follow historic district guidelines approved by the City.

Additional Information
To learn more about the effects of designation of local historic districts or landmarks, feel free to explore our website content on historic preservation or contact the Planning Office at (301) 790-4163, extension 138, or email planning@hagerstownmd.org.