Street Tree Care

The City of Hagerstown celebrates Arbor Day and is the recipient of the Tree City USA award. Our trees are important to us! We appreciate the benefit and value the “green canopy” of trees provides for the aesthetics and livability of a community. The Public Works Department is charged with the care of our street trees. These trees are planted by the City and often, but not always, located between the curb and sidewalk. If you have a concern or a question regarding a street tree please contact us at 301-739-8577 x. 178 or complete the request for street tree maintenance and we will look at the tree.

Street Tree Maintenance Request

After we assess the tree’s condition we make a recommendation to the Department of Natural Resources for the type of work needed, and apply for the necessary permits. Once these permits have been obtained we will contact our contracted arborist to complete the work. This process can take some time but be assured, once we received your request it is in the system and will be handled in as timely a manner as we can provide. There are certain times of the year when specific tree work can not/should not be done. For example, new trees should be planted in the fall, therefore, it may seem a long time from the start of your request to the planting of your tree.


A street tree is defined in City Codes under Chapter 216, Article I as follows:
216 Streets and Sidewalks
216.3 Definition 
Shall be defined as a tree located between the curb and sidewalk in the public right-of-way or a tree located in a tree well within the sidewalk in the public right-of-way.

The City receives funding for street trees from programs like the Forest Conservation Fund and different types of grants. Through these programs residents are able to receive street trees at no cost. For further details please contact the Parks & Engineering Department at 301-739-8577 x. 125.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has just issued the following new pest alert for the
Spotted Lanternfly Please read more.
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