Street Division

Responsibilities & Services

The Street Division of Public Works maintains the approximately 110 miles of streets and 35 miles of paved alleys here in our city! We keep the streets clean with our sweepers, clean and repair the storm drains so they don’t flood. We patch potholes and empty all of the 130 public trash cans located throughout the downtown and surrounding area. We maintain 165 landscaped areas and care for trees designated as street trees throughout the city that make your drive, bike ride, or walk just a little more pleasant as you move throughout your city.

The men and women of the Street Division also have the responsibility of keeping the streets clear of snow and ice as well as all the sidewalks for the public buildings. We provide a well used service called Bulk Trash Pick Up. This service is available two days each month and for a small fee we pick up your unwanted bulky items right from your curb side.

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves
Fall season is upon us and with that the issue of leave disposal.  Piling leaves in the street is not permissible per City code and our street sweeper is not designed to collect large piles of leaves.  Homeowners are advised to utilize the City's yard waste program for the proper disposal of leaves.  For details please visit  Yard Waste.

Do Put Leaves in Yard Waste Bags
Don't Put Leaves in the Street

Current Road Closures

Stay up-to-date on traffic advisories for city road closures.