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Home-Based Business (Home Workstation) Zoning Certificate Worksheet

  1. Please note the following restrictions on home-based businesses:
  2. • Family members living in the dwelling may work for the business.
  3. • Employees from outside the residence are not permitted to work at the home.
  4. • No external evidence of any sort (i.e., customer/clients visiting residence).
  5. • No signs indicating the presence of a business.
  6. • No outdoor storage of any kind.
  7. • No deliveries other than those made by the U.S. Postal Service or similar carriers (UPS, FedEx) in vehicles of a size that routinely serve residential areas and with a frequency of those deliveries made to a dwelling.
  8. General rule of thumb is that the exterior of the dwelling must look like a house, smell like a house, and act like a house. Neighbors should not be able to tell that a business is being conducted from the address.
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