What is the difference between AutoPay and Recurring Scheduled Payments?

AutoPay. AutoPay is a scheduled payment in full for the due date every month. This feature allows customers to automatically pay their bill(s) in full each month. If customers sign up for AutoPay, they will get a reminder several days prior to the payment date. 

  • AutoPay must be set up two business days prior to the due date to ensure the payment is processed.

Recurring Scheduled Payments. Recurring Scheduled Payments can be for any amount and customers may select time frames and dates to pay. The bill’s due date remains the same. If a fixed payment option is chosen, the balance due may not be paid in full. Customers may schedule more than one payment per month. There are four options from which customers may choose:

  • Pay in full on invoice due date (Note: if this option is selected, the balance due at the time the bill was uploaded to Invoice Cloud is paid).  
  • Pay in full on selected day.
  • Pay a fixed payment amount on invoice due date.
  • Pay a fixed payment amount on selected day.

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