Do red light cameras reduce collisions and red light running at intersections where they are used?

Because Hagerstown’s program is new, studies and data will be forthcoming. However, Howard County, Maryland’s program shows significant results in improving safety. A 2008 study (the most recent available) by the Howard County Traffic Engineering department showed an overall collision reduction of 29 percent at enforced approaches. Right-angle collisions have been reduced by 55 percent. The same study also showed an overall reduction of rear-end collisions at sites where the cameras are used. A 2015 Howard County analysis reveals that red light running at enforced sites has reduced by 59 percent when comparing the sites' initial month of activation to their 2015 monthly averages. The same analysis shows that when comparing each camera sites' first full calendar year of recorded red light running to 2015, there is an overall 31 percent reduction.

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1. How do red light cameras work?
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3. What does a red light camera look like?
4. Do red light cameras reduce collisions and red light running at intersections where they are used?
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9. Where is the citation sent? How long after a violation will the ticket be sent?
10. What information will be displayed on the citation?
11. Who is responsible to pay the ticket: the owner of the vehicle or the person who was driving when the citation was issued?
12. Can I dispute the citation?
13. What if I fail to pay or request a hearing in a timely manner?
14. What is the fine for a Hagerstown red light citation? Are there late fees?
15. Will this violation go on my driving record? Are there points assessed? Will it affect my insurance rates?
16. How can I contact the Hagerstown Red Light Camera Program?