How do red light cameras work?

Radar technology monitors an approaching vehicle's position and speed as it nears the white stop line at an intersection. If an approaching vehicle is exceeding a preset threshold speed prior to the intersection and the traffic signal is red, the camera system will initiate a photograph sequence. The camera first captures a wide-angle photograph of the vehicle before it enters the intersection with the traffic signal clearly illuminated red. Shortly thereafter, the camera captures another photograph of the vehicle in the intersection with the traffic signal still illuminated red. The license plate image is obtained from one of the high resolution photographs.  The red light cameras utilize a flash to enhance the photographs and license plate.  The camera systems also use full-motion video clips to supplement the photographs printed on a red light camera citation. A multi-step review process occurs prior to issuing each and every citation and it is ultimately trained Hagerstown Police personnel who make the final determination if the criterion to issue a citation was met.

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1. How do red light cameras work?
2. How is revenue from the Red Light Camera Program allocated?
3. What does a red light camera look like?
4. Do red light cameras reduce collisions and red light running at intersections where they are used?
5. Can the cameras be used to enforce other violations, such as not wearing a seat belt, texting while driving or speeding?
6. If I come to a stop after the white line, will I be issued a citation?
7. If I am in the intersection when the light turns red, will I be issued a citation?
8. Will I be issued a citation for not coming to a stop before making a right turn on red?
9. Where is the citation sent? How long after a violation will the ticket be sent?
10. What information will be displayed on the citation?
11. Who is responsible to pay the ticket: the owner of the vehicle or the person who was driving when the citation was issued?
12. Can I dispute the citation?
13. What if I fail to pay or request a hearing in a timely manner?
14. What is the fine for a Hagerstown red light citation? Are there late fees?
15. Will this violation go on my driving record? Are there points assessed? Will it affect my insurance rates?
16. How can I contact the Hagerstown Red Light Camera Program?