Codes / Ordinances

International Codes

The City of Hagerstown has adopted the following codes. Local amendments to these codes are available on this page; however, the full text of the International Codes is copyrighted and is not available through our website. Full texts are available for your review at our office or if you would like to purchase a copy of the complete code please visit the International Code Council.



Accessibility Code

Maryland Accessibility Code as may be amended / restate from time to time

Building Codes

Electrical Codes

Energy Code

2018 IECC as amended in Maryland Code

Fire Prevention Code

Maryland Fire Prevention Code as may be amended / restated from time to time

Mechanical Codes

Plumbing Codes

Property Maintenance Code

Based on 2003 IPMC

Safety Glazing Code

Maryland Safety Glazing Law

Habitual Offender

Chapter 65

Excessive Use of City Services

Chapter 95

Recycling & Refuse

Chapter 117

Weeds, Trash & Debris

Chapter 185

Rental Facilities

Chapter 197

Streets & Sidewalks

Chapter 216

Transient Housing

Chapter 230

Vacant Non-Residential Structure

Chapter 232

Vacant Residential Structure

Chapter 233