Rental Structures

The City of Hagerstown requires that a rental license be obtained when a property is occupied by persons other than the legal owner. The Rental Licensing Program is designed to promote safety, health, and habitability in rental housing, encourage responsible management and operation of rental facilities and support property values, including those of neighboring properties.


Contractors, Electricians, and Plumbers are required to secure a license before they may legally practice their trade within Hagerstown. This helps ensure that these professionals follow clear standards to protect the health and safety of our residents.

Lists of Hagerstown Licensed Contractors, Electricians, and Plumbers

Vacant Structures

The city also requires that residential and downtown commercial structures that have been vacant for an extended time period be registered. This requirement helps prevent further deterioration of structures, ensure the safety of the public (particularly first responders and emergency personnel) and support property values within the city.

Unattended Donation Bins

The City of Hagerstown requires all unattended donation bins to be registered with the City.