Media Inquiries & Public Information

Media Relations

To ensure a more timely response, media outlets are encouraged to submit a request for a story or topic via email to the Communications Office at Please include your contact information and your deadline for a response.

Public Information Requests

Public information requests must be submitted in writing and are processed under Maryland’s Public Information Act. Communications staff will provide a response to your request within 30 calendar days after the request has been received. Requests can be submitted via email, through U.S. Mail, or dropped off in person. Requestors are encouraged to complete a Public Information Request form in order to help staff provide you the proper information you are seeking and to contact you if there are any questions regarding your request. It is recommended you be as specific as possible in describing the records you would like to inspect.

Fee Schedule

Maryland's Public Information Act provides two hours of staff time to retrieve, review, and prepare public records for inspection. 

Public documents are produced for the following fees:

 Record Type Fee 
 Paper copies
      20 pages or less
      21 pages or more

 $1.25 plus $0.25 per additional page
 Digital media (CD/2GB thumb drive) $5.00 
 Document retrieval and review beyond 2 hours Billed at employee's hourly rate

Submit a Request

Inquiries for public records should be directed to:

Communications Office
1 E. Franklin St., #208
Office: 301-739-8577 ext. 819
Fax: 301-791-2664

To review Maryland's Public Information act, click here.