Meet The Vendors

Some vendors have been here for generations, others are just beginning their time with us. But in either case, everyone is a member of the Historic City Farmers' Market Family! Find your way through aisles of tasty treats and creative crafts and visit the Farmers Market every Saturday from 6am-12pm!

Abby’s Gluten-Free Baked Items and Crafts - exactly what it sounds like! Delicious gluten free goodies and cute and seasonal crafts. 7 am-12 pm

Baker/Canner- homemade jams, breads and pastries, herb seasonings. 7 am-12 pm

Blissful - variety of multicultural eats, fresh produce, plants in handpainted pots. 8am-12 pm

Bonnie Butter Bakes - artisan breads, quiche, macaroni & cheese, cupcakes, cakes, piecs. 8am-12pm

Buttercreme Bakery - cakes, pies, cookies, plus refinished furniture. 7 am-12 pm

Chris Cross Cafe - prepared foods. 8 am-12 pm

Crave Bakery - homemade cupcakes, brownies, cakes & cookies. 8am -12 pm

Crystal’s Exotic Candles - candles, soaps, and oils.  8 am - 12 pm

DeVine Spirit Parlour - original art, poetry books, jewlry, hand-poured candles, seasonal items. 8am-12pm

Etta’s Crafts - customized embroidery.  8 am -12 pm

Four Grand Creations - hand-painted glassware, wreaths, and unique gifts.  8 am -12 pm

Jeff and Debi's Grill at City Market - delicious breakfast. 6 am-12 pm 

Litton’s Produce and Berries - seasonal produce, spring through fall.  6 am-12 pm

M&J Candies candy, coffee, soup, baked items.  6 am-12 pm

Mama Jean's Snack Shack
 - delicious breakfast and lunch items. 6 am-12 pm

Momma’s Spot of Tea 
variety of delicious teas, baked items, mugs and dog treats.  6 am-12 pm

Snookie’s Cookies - homemade cookies. 7 am-12 pm

Sofie Sage Bats, Etc. - handmade wallets/wristlets, cross body bags, tissue holders, polymer earrings and jewlery. 8 am-12 pm

Stop, Buy ‘n See - meat, cheese, produce, plants.  6 am-12 pm

Susan's Creations - handmade floral arrangements, variety of sizes, for all seasons.  7 am-12 pm

The Crafty Ladyhandmade beaded jewelry & home décor. 7 am-12 pm

The Laughing Owl - hand-knitted items, pottery, handcrafted home decor. 8am-12 pm

Ti Boutique - African & Caribbean food, Haitian or Jamaican soft drink, seasonings, authentic Haitian castor oil (h'uile maskriti) for skin and hair.  6 am-12 pm

Urban Delightz - Vegan friendly menu, hot dishes, candies, cookies, breads, preserves, fruit juices, homemade bath & body items. 7 am-12 pm 

Woven Treasurers - handmade towels, baskets, bags, and jewelry. 8 am-12 pm