ARPA City Wide Restaurant Ready Grant Program

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Restaurant Ready Grant Program is meant to respond to the negative economic impact small businesses faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to lower the barriers associated with opening a restaurant within the City of Hagerstown’s corporate boundaries. All projects must pertain to commercial or mixed-use buildings. Grant funding may be used for the renovation/fit-out of an eligible space, and for branding/marketing and business promotion professional services. The purchase of furniture, fixtures, and equipment may be considered for required match contribution only. This program is subject to funding availability and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grant Amount

Awarded grants require a 1:1 match from the application completing the project. Example: A $10,000 grant would require a match of at least $10,000 for a total project cost of $20,000.

Application Process and Requirements

  1. Complete the ARPA City-Wide Restaurant Ready Grant Application, and provide all required attachments.
  2. Return completed application and required attachments via email to, or in person/mail to 14 N. Potomac Street, Suite 200A, Hagerstown, MD 21740. 
  3. Registration with and City review is required.
  4. All applications and supporting documents must be submitted for consideration no later than 1/1/2024.
  5. All grants are subject to funding availability.
  6. All applications shall be reviewed and approved by a committee called the ARPA Review Committee, and are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  7. The ARPA Review Committee will review the application and supporting documents to determine the eligibility and level of funding that may/may not be awarded.
  8. Approved applicants will receive a Letter of Commitment from the City of Hagerstown which may be used to assist in financing the project.
  9. Grants will be paid following the completion of an approved project and submission of final receipts for the approved scope of work/intended purchases.
  10. The City will issue a 1099 form following grant disbursement, and the grant may be taxable based on that year’s State and Federal tax guidelines.
  11. Once a project is approved, any changes in the scope of timeline will require the project to be resubmitted for determination of continued eligibility.
  12. A signed lease will be required for restaurant operator applicants within 45 days of approval.
  13. Additional project information may be requested at any time during the process.

Full program guidelines apply.

Click on the following link for full ARPA Restaurant Ready Grant Guidelines

Click on the following link for full  ARPA Restaurant Ready Grant Application

For questions on this program contact any Economic Development Team Member at or on our meet the team page!