Rental Licensing Webinars

Neighborhood Services team members are providing webinars in the Fall of 2020 providing technical knowledge related to the topic.

To view a previously recorded webinar, please click on the links below.

October 16th - Means of egress or emergency escape, what is needed? (Click to view webinar)

October 16 - PowerPoint | Script

October 23rd - Doing upgrades, what requires a permit? (Click to view webinar)

October 23 - PowerPoint

October 30th - Overcrowding, how is it calculated? (Click to view webinar)

October 30 - PowerPoint | Script

November 6th - Online services, what can i do online? (Click to view webinar)

November 6 - Online Services

November 13th - Ceiling heights, what meets code? (Click to view webinar)

November 13 - PowerPoint | Script

November 20th - One and Two family attic spaces, what makes them habitable? (Click to view webinar)

November 20 - PowerPoint | Script

Previously recorded webinars

Neighborhood Services team members provided webinars in the Spring of 2020 walking viewers through a rental interior inspection, room by room.

To view previously recorded webinars please click on the links below.  

May 1st - Living and Dining room (Click to view webinar)

May 8th - Kitchen (Click to view webinar)

May 15th - Basement (Click to view webinar)

May 22nd - Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (Click to view webinar)

May 29th - Hallways and Stairs (Click to view webinar)

June 5th - Bathroom (Click to view webinar)

June 12th - Bedroom (Click to view webinar)

June 19th - Attic (Click to view webinar)

June 26th - Smoke and CO Alarms (Click to view webinar)