Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

"Diverse neighborhood with historic significance." 

"I love that I live in a neighborhood that was once the home of Medal of Honor recipient Corporal William O. Wilson, who was also known as a Buffalo Soldier."  

About Our Group

The Medal of Honor Neighborhoods 1st group includes the Jonathan Street, North Prospect Street, Church Street, and Charles Street communities.  This area is home to the historic Wheaton Park and Medal of Honor Triangle.

Access to the Martin Luther King Community Center, Robert W. Johnson Community Center, and historic North Street School allow residents to easily interact with one another and keep their neighborhood youth occupied during the summer months. Residents also enjoy affordable housing opportunities and easy access to the historic downtown area of Hagerstown.

Attend A Meeting!

When: First Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Robert W. Johnson Community Center
More Questions?  Contact group coordinator Andy Smith at