Unattended Donation Bins

The Unattended Donation Bin Registration is focused on ensuring that donation bins are maintained for health, safety and general welfare of the entire community.  The registration is designed to help protect the character and stability of our community as well as preserve the value of land and property throughout the City of Hagerstown.


Donation bin shall mean any receptacle or container that is unsupervised or unattended, and is intended for use as a collection point for the donation and temporary storage of clothing or other donated goods.

Donation Bin Requirements

  • Shall be constructed of non-combustible material
  • Shall have a securely closing lid; and
  • Shall be clearly marked with the following:
    • The person or entity responsible for the maintenance of the bin;
    • The owner of the bin, if different from above; and
    • The company soliciting donations; if different from above, and an indication of tax-exempt status; and
    • A notice stating that no items or material shall be left outside the donation bin.
  • Donation bins are permitted only in industrial and commercial zoning districts (see zoning map);
  • Shall be located on a paved or impervious surface;
  • Shall comply with all setback provisions applicable to the property;
  • Shall not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic;
  • Shall not be located in the public right-of-way, drive aisles, fire lanes, sidewalk, required parking spaces, landscape islands or buffer strips, or any location that may cause hazardous conditions or constitute a threat to public safety;
  • The total allowance number of donation bins per property shall be defined by the size of the property on which the bin is located, with the following limitations:
    • Property equal to or less than one (1) acre: a maximum of one (1) donation bin is permitted;
    • Property greater than one (1) acre and up to five (5) acres: a maximum of two (2) donation bins are permitted;
    • Property greater than five (5) acres: a maximum of one (1) donation bin is permitted per every two and one half (2.5) acres.

Size Restrictions of Donation Bins

The maximum size for any donation bin shall not exceed:

  • Five (5) feet in width
  • Five (5) feet in depth
  • Seven (7) feet in height