Mindfulness Challenge

Fall Into Mindfulness Challenge

The Mindfulness Challenge provides tools and strategies to help gain more awareness, focus, and presence in our daily lives.

This challenge encourages the practice of daily activities to help reduce stress and anxiety, elevate mood, improve performance and productivity, and increase happiness! Practicing mindfulness will cultivate a greater sense of peace and overall well-being.

Month of mindfulness, begins Nov. 1st, 2018

$10/person.  All ages!  

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What you will receive: 

Calendar with daily mindful activities to keep you motivation going throughout the challenge

Help with setting goals - what would you like to gain, or perhaps lose, during the challenge? Is it better sleep, less stress, more happiness, more life balance, slowing down, or improved memory? 

Weekly emails with tips, practices and ideas on how to become more mindful.  Self-practice shutting down and logging out before bedtime, breathing techniques, eating and drinking mindfully, waking and waiting before electronics, focusing on completing one task as a time, and even practicing yoga!  

Chance to win Weekly Prizes (TBA)

Grand Prize - TBA!