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Geocaching In The Parks
Saturdays & Sundays, 2pm–3:30pm
- Sun. Oct. 17-
Pangborn Park (#7513)
- Sat. Nov. 6- Mills Park (#7514)
- Sat. Dec. 18- Hellane Park (#7515)
- Sun. Jan. 9- Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park (#7516)
- Sat. Feb. 5-
Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park (#7517)
- Sun. Mar. 6- Fit Room at Fairgrounds Park (#7518)
Geocaching is an exciting, real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS-enabled mobile devices. Join
us for a free instructional program to learn about the hundreds of thousands of geocaches hidden all around you— and how to find them! This adventure will take you to hidden locations that are right under your nose and all
throughout Hagerstown’s City Parks. Led by Larry Potter. Free.

GeoCache in the Parks


Ghost Tours, Hager House Outdoor
Friday, Saturdays & Sunday, 7pm & 8pm  
- Oct. 16 (#7578)
- Oct. 22 (#7579)
- Oct. 23 (#7580)
- Oct. 31 (#7581
Haunting tales keep this 18th century residence of town founder, Jonathan Hager, at the top of Maryland’s most haunted sites. Take a one-hour outdoor tour and listen and learn the fascinating common legends of ghosts of the Hager House. Pre-registration online strongly recommended. $8/pre-registered. $10/on-site.

Ghost Tours, Paranormal Train
Fridays, Saturday & Sunday, 7pm & 8pm
- Oct. 22 (#7585)
- Oct. 23 (#7586)
- Oct. 31 (#7587)
Visit the grounds of the City Park Train Hub and head out on a fascinating tour with the amazing Oculus Paranormal Team where you will explore the historic retired rail cars and steam locomotive engine 202, on a nightly investigation that demonstrates the use of actual ghost hunting equipment. This is the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in creating their own ghost stories. $15/pre-registered, $20/on-site.

Ghost Tours
Ghost tour

Skateboarding Lessons
Saturdays, 1-3pm
- Oct. 16 (#7591)
- Oct. 23 (#7592)
- Oct. 30 (#7593)

One-hour lesson, followed by an hour open session on all the skate obstacles. Instructor, Ryan McAllister, will show the skill, then help each skateboarder improve through repetition based on personal skill level. Skills shown will include: pushing, riding, dropping in on ramps, going off small drops, pumping/riding on half pipe. Students required to provide their own skateboard and helmet. Additional Safety gear is encouraged. $20/week. 

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Virtual, Outdoor, & Indoor programs- Fit For You!

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