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The Purpose of Zoning
Zoning in the City of Hagerstown is intended to promote the public health, safety, and welfare of all citizens by regulating the use of land and structures on the land.

The city is divided into various zoning districts for the purpose of directing certain types of land use activities into specific areas of the city. There are a variety of residential, commercial, mixed-use, and industrial classifications, as well as special overlay districts for conversion of non-residential properties, planned developments, and historic districts. All development within the city must conform to the standards established per the Zoning Ordinance (Article 4 of the Land Management Code). Issues like setbacks, height of buildings, lot area, and other requirements are established in the Ordinance.

Rezoning Requests & Appeals
In the event that a property owner feels that there has been a change in the character of his neighborhood or that a mistake has been made in the original zoning of his parcel, the property owner may apply for a rezoning of his parcel to a new land use classification to reflect the character of the neighborhood and/or parcel.

Everyone has the right to appeal the findings of the zoning administrator to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). Forms for appeal can be found on the Application Forms page.

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For further explanation of what a particular zoning designation means, please contact the Planning Office at (301) 790-4163, extension 138, or email .