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Live Hagerstown
Welcome to Live Hagerstown - where We Love City Life! Here you'll find much of the information you need to make the Hub City your new home. We also have helpful information for our current residents who may be looking to enhance their home experience in Hagerstown.
  City Life at a Glance      
  City Life at a Glance  

Don't just live in Hagerstown - experience it! Take a glimpse at what the city has to offer in terms of dining, recreation, entertainment, and more! 
  Financial Incentives      
  Financial Incentives  
We want to help you make Hagerstown your new home! You could qualify for financial incentives that will make your living situation more affordable. Whether you're in the market to buy or rent, browse the options to see what we have to offer!
  Buy or Rent      
  Buying or Renting  

Use a search engine to discover the opportunities to buy or rent a home within the city.
  City Center      
  City Center Hagerstown  

Whether you're planning to rent or buy, you may be eligible to save some cash if you're moving to the City Center.