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Prevention & Education
Mission Statement
The Hagerstown Fire Department works cooperatively with local government and the community to make our city a premier location in which to live, work, and invest.  We accomplish this process through use of comprehensive risk mitigation strategies coupled with a rapid response to emergency situations.

Reducing fire risk is a primary job responsibility of every Hagerstown firefighter. This expectation is communicated clearly during our hiring process and is demonstrated daily through institutionalized departmental behaviors. While prevention is sometimes not the most popular activity, our firefighters do what is a asked of them in support of community-based prevention initiatives. All rhetoric aside, they believe what we are doing is right and act accordingly.

Bureau of Fire Prevention
The Hagerstown Fire Department has a Bureau of Fire Prevention that is responsible for leading risk mitigation and arson control efforts. The bureau is staffed by three Fire Marshals and a risk reduction officer. The city's community resources coordinator is also assigned to the Bureau on a half-time basis to assist with risk mitigation. Staff report directly to the fire chief and interface with the entire department.