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Service Areas & Capacity
The main supplier of water to the City of Hagerstown is the R.C Willson Water Plant, located in Williamsport Maryland. The Willson plant is capable of producing 20 million gallons per day (mgd) and provides drinking water to the cities of Hagerstown, Williamsport, Smithsburg, and surrounding areas, serving more than 89,000 customers daily.

Normal water averages 11 mgd, with the peak demand of water averaging 13 mgd. The highest water demand is typically during the summer months. The Willson Water Plant pumps over 4 billion gallons of water a year. The production department also services and maintains five tanks and four pump stations throughout the city and county.

Safe Drinking Water
The Hagerstown Water System has consistently met the Disinfection By-Product (Rule 1) Total Trihalomethanes maximum contaminant limit (MCL). When the Disinfection By-Product Rule 2 was promulgated, Hagerstown continued to maintain compliance with the State 1 and State 2 requirements and MCL's. To allow for the construction of the Phase IV improvements at the R.C. Willson Plant, Hagerstown negotiated a 2-year consent agreement with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), which is permitted in the Safe Drinking Water Act. During this time period, Hagerstown had one excursion of the MCL at the sample location during the August 2015 sample period. This is a case where the regulation is based on a yearly average and a quarterly/monthly sample may exceed the MCL, but it does not affect our yearly average or compliance. Through our work with MDE, notice was provided to our customers in the zone of the excursion. Since that time and with the conversion to Chloramination, Hagerstown has not had an MCL or Operational Evaluation Level (OEL) excursions.

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