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Keeping You Safe
The following paragraphs mention a few simple rules and tasks to follow to make your home safer in regards to electrical hazards. You will also find suggestions about what to do and what NOT to do if you come upon downed power lines.

View a listing of general household safety tips related to electrical wires and appliances.

About Outside Powerlines & Excavation Work
  • Do no attempt to clear trees / shrubs around energized lines.
  • Do no touch anything that is in the vicinity of downed lines.
  • Do not attempt to disconnect / reconnect service.
  • Keep others away from
  • Never dig around unmarked, energized, underground powerlines. Call MISS Uitlity before any type of excavation no matter how shallow.
  • Never touch a downed powerline and immediately notify HLD if you see one.
  • Treat every downed line as energized.

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