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Trash Program Changes
The City of Hagerstown supports clean, safe and green neighborhoods. To reduce blight and nuisance issues for neighbors, the City is making changes to our trash program. Many residents were concerned by the amount of trash and debris on our streets, sidewalks and in front yards after collection. The City is implementing these changes to address those concerns and to enhance the curb appeal of our community.

Trash and recycling stored outside your property between collection days must be in an approved container (not a bag) with a lid that seals. In addition, storage containers cannot be stored in front yards, front porches or the public sidewalk. These changes are currently in effect and will be enforced beginning July 1, 2016.

Downtown Residents
There are additional changes for residents in our downtown neighborhoods where trash is collected twice a week. In addition to storing trash outside in a container, downtown residents must set out their trash and recycling at the curb for collection in an approved container with a lid that seals. Setting out trash for collection in bags is not permitted.

Special Requirements
Residents who live in apartment buildings with four or more units will be required to have one location for trash and recycling storage between collection days. This should be determined by your landlord. Furthermore, residents along South Prospect Street must keep their outdoor trash and recycling storage containers out of public view from South Prospect Street. 

Approved Containers
An approved container for trash storage is any steel, plastic, aluminum or galvanized container manufactured for the purpose of storing residential trash. The containers should be easy to lift with two handles. They should hold no more than 35 gallons and weigh no more than 50 pounds when filled with trash. All trash containers must have lids that tightly fit as designed by the manufacturer. Recycling materials should be stored outside and set out for collection in a City-issued blue recycling bin.

Storage containers can not be stored in front yards, on front porches, or on the public sidewalk. If there are special circumstances that you believe warrant approval of an alternative location, you may make application to the City for consideration of the request. The Mayor and City Council’s adopted policy on placement of trash and recycling containers shall guide the decisions on these requests.

Other Reminders
The City also reminds residents of our general regulations for set out on collection days. Set out your recycling, trash and yard waste at the curb no earlier than 4:00 p.m. the evening before collection. Emptied trash and recycling containers must be removed from the curb by 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection. Trash should be bagged in a standard trash bag - not small, grocery store-type plastic bags.

The City of Hagerstown thanks our residents for their cooperation in implementing these changes and keeping our city clean, safe and green. If you have questions about these changes to the trash and recycling program, contact the City of Hagerstown’s Department of Planning and Code Administration at (301) 739-8577 ext. 103.