Posted on: January 23, 2018

First Red Light Cameras Going Active Beginning of February

The first red light cameras in the City of Hagerstown have been installed at two intersections, and a mandatory 30-day warning period will begin on February 1, 2018. The cameras are located at the intersections of Potomac St. at Wilson Blvd. and Virginia Ave. at Burhans Blvd.

"The Hagerstown Police Department uses tested, proven, and reliable technology to enforce traffic laws and enhance public safety in our community," says Chief Victor Brito. "Automated traffic enforcement systems undeniably change the behaviors of drivers towards compliance with the law, and operating these red light cameras will help prevent the most dangerous traffic accidents." Brito says these intersections were chosen as the initial locations for the cameras based on analyses of vehicle crash data and traffic studies.

The red light cameras will operate continuously. The devices are mounted on dedicated poles at each enforced intersection and utilize radar technology to initiate a photo and video sequence if a vehicle runs a red light. Citations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle and include high-resolution photos; a video of the vehicle driving through the red light can also be viewed online. The violation is a civil infraction, so the driver does not receive points on his/her driving record and the penalty is not reported to insurance.

Now that the first systems are installed, drivers who receive a violation within the first 30 days will only receive a warning. Following the warning period, which will end March 2, 2018, drivers are assessed a $75 penalty. Red light camera program revenue is allocated to the City of Hagerstown's General Fund, where it will be used specifically for Police Department functions. Further studies are being conducted to determine additional sites where red light cameras may be beneficial in reducing serious traffic accidents.

The Hagerstown Police Department joins nearly a dozen police agencies from across Maryland who use red light cameras in the Regional Automated Enforcement Center (RAEC). Established by Howard County in 1998, their system of managing and administering red light cameras through a unique private-public partnership adheres to the highest standards, integrity, and quality control.

For more information on Hagerstown's Red Light Camera program, visit http://www.hagerstownmd.org/1310/Red-Light-Cameras.

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