1. Administration

    Peruse through the functions of the Administration office.

  2. Code Administration

  3. Communications

    Find out how to receive the latest information on what is happening in Hagerstown.

  4. Community and Economic Development

  5. Engineering

    Learn about how the city works to manage traffic flows and parking, public sidewalks and curbs, state and federal stormwater programs, and other construction projects.

  6. Finance

    View the City of Hagerstown's financial reports, learn about its annual budget, and find information about local and state taxes.

  7. Fire

    Access information about services offered by the Hagerstown Fire Department and fire safety tips that may help keep you and your family safe during an emergency.

  8. Human Resources

    Learn about employee benefits, job opportunities, and policies and procedures with the City of Hagerstown.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    Locate details on local sports and activities available from Hagerstown's Parks and Recreation Department.

  10. Parking

  11. Planning & Zoning

  12. Police

    Learn about the Police Department's divisions, community programs, and organization.

  13. Public Works

    Access information relating to permits, engineering, street and traffic maintenance, and other similar standards.

  14. Technology & Support Services

    View information related to the IT Strategic Plan.

  15. Trash & Recycling

    Learn about how Hagerstown is working to keep our city clean through various trash and recycling services.

  16. Utilities

    Access information regarding the city's water, wastewater, and electric services divisions.