How Do I...

  1. Apply for a Business License

    Find out how to apply for a business licenses with the City of Hagerstown.

  2. Apply for a Job

    Access our online job application service.

  3. Contact Department Staff

    View the city's staff directory to get phone, email, fax, and address information.

  4. Contact Mayor & Council

  5. File a Police Report Online

    How to file a Hagerstown police report online.

  6. Learn more about the Gigabit City

    Hagerstown: Gigabit City

  7. Pay a Parking Ticket

    How to pay a parking ticket

  8. Pay Taxes

    Pay your taxes quickly and easily using our online payment system.

  9. Read City News

    View recent and archived press releases and news items from the City of Hagerstown.

  10. Register to Vote

    Make sure that your voice is being heard through local elections.

  11. Report A Concern

  12. Report a Problem

    Alert city officials of a problem or concern you may have about a city provided service.

  13. Request Public Information?

    public information act, PIA, public records, request

  14. reserve an on-street handicap parking space

  15. Sign up for Bulk Trash Collection

    Bulk Trash Collection Information

  16. View City Events

    Find out about when the city holds meetings and special events.

  17. View City Maps

    Access maps of Hagerstown to find everything from local restaurants and museums to great fishing spots and schools.

  18. Volunteer