Park & Shop Program


The City of Hagerstown’s Park & Shop program is a way for you, the business owner, to help pick up some or all of the cost of your patrons parking in either of the City Center’s parking decks.

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  • You pre-purchase parking vouchers from the City in the amounts of $1.00 or $8.00. The vouchers are sold to you at a 20% discounted rate (a $1.00 voucher costs you $.80 and an $8.00 voucher costs you $6.40).
  • You give these out to your patrons as you see fit. You decide if or when you are going to validate your patrons parking - you control the vouchers.
  • The vouchers never expire and are accepted at both parking garages.
  • The vouchers will be accepted for parking at any time, including special events or any other time when the City charges a special event rate at the garage. If the City is charging the $5.00 special event rate and a patron presents a $1.00 voucher they will only have to pay the addition $4.00 cash. An $8.00 voucher will be accepted in lieu of a full price admission and no change will be given.
  • A $1.00 voucher is good for 1 hour of free parking throughout the week until 4:00 pm and for the entire evening after 4:00 pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. An $8.00 voucher is good for all day during the week. No change is given to the patron from an $8.00 voucher if the cost is less than the full amount.
Here’s what the City is going to do to partner with you in promoting this program:

  • Once you are a participant, we will include your business name in our flyers and mailings to the public. We will place your name on an advertising board at both garages. We will also give you a window flyer with the Park & Shop logo to help patrons identify you as a participant and locate your business.
  • We will offer you the vouchers at a 20% reduced rate for the life of the program and they never expire.
  • You can set up an account with the City and receive the vouchers in advance and pay as they are used. We can send you a monthly bill based on your usage.
  • We will print your business name or a unique message on the voucher so that the patron will remember the business that provided their parking. It is limited to one line of text that can be printed across the top of the voucher.
  • We will have an attendant available seven days a week to assist our mutual patrons should they have any problem exiting the garage.
  • We will never tell you how much you have to purchase or place any restrictions on how or when you decide to use them.